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From the Brief to the Results,


Prime Video wanted to leverage the great media success of “LOL - Chi Ride è Fuori - S01” to continue generating large volumes of conversation on its channels.


The same joke, if repeated over and over with memes, stops being funny.


LOL NEVERENDING SHOW, is a real-time YouTube campaign based on the search queries of Italians that were translated into exclusive, extra, reactive and above all, unpublished content.


Brand Favorability: The campaign successfully amplified the LOL phenomenon, keeping the community's interest in the show alive over time and highlighting Prime Video's presence within the comedy show world.


Our original LOL content got over 12.6 million organic views, 1.3 million organic viewing hours, 400,000 interactions and 44,000 new channel subscribers.


The reach of the results generated a phenomenal growth rate compared to 2020: + 614% of the organic watch time, + 483% of engagement and + 485% of new subscribers.

What they say about us,

«LOL - Aftershow»: i comici si riuniscono (e se ne vedono delle belle)