From the Brief to the Results,


Prime Video wanted to create awareness and generate conversation within the fantasy community about the launch of a new show: “The Wheel of Time.”


The members of the fantasy subculture love role-playing, cosplayer-style, as the protagonists of their favorite sagas or channeling them during board game sessions. Starting from this insight, we decided to create a LIVE experience that had never been done before in Italy: a Live Action Role-Play (LARP) inspired by the Wheel of Time.


THE WHEEL OF TIME LARP SHOW. For the first time, we created a live role-playing game in which participants could freely interpret the characters of the story by physically walking in their shoes as if they were the protagonists of the series. With the artistic direction of a LARP designer and the supervision of the Italian translator of the saga, we transformed a medieval village into our location and alongside 5 Twitch streamers and over 200 fantasy fans, we created an event day that transformed the plot of the Wheel of Time in a story to be actually experienced. But it was the community on Twitch that made the difference: not only by actively participating but but it was the Twitch community that made the difference, not only by actively participating and influencing the unfolding of events but, above all, by making our LARP the most followed live ever on the Prime Video Italia channel.


THE FIRST LARP LIVE ON TWITCH: 5 hours of livestream followed in full by more than 240K fans.


The community enjoyed this experiment so much that they asked us to make another LARP episode inspired by the Wheel of Time


The fans of the streamers got involved spontaneously and made tons of clips on Twitch, reaction content and Youtube rewatch videos thus expanding the reach of the campaign, taking the show even outside the fantasy communities.

What they say about us,

“La Ruota del Tempo”, l’evento di Amazon al Castello di Gargonza

La Ruota del Tempo: oggi l’evento LARP ufficiale su Twitch